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I’m in desperate need of 3 Halloween costumes… suggestions are very very much appreciated because I need to get the stuff ASAP

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hunterjumpersismylife is the best because she is so very nice and responds to almost all my posts and i LOVE HER SHE’S GREAT

itsaquarterhorsething DREA YOU ARE THE BEST ACTUALLY did you kno if you put a “m” after Drea you get Dream How neat I just figured this out

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I owe my parents $450 for my horse and car

and am I paying them back? no

I’m buying donuts and things for my horse

Idk my priorities clearly

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Anonymous said: You are completely spoiled. Having two horses and a truck and showing. People like you are why this world sucks.


Fortunate and hard working, yes. Spoiled, no.

Let’s start with my two horses- Chexy, my parents bought for me, yes, but I am paying my parents back for her. I make payments on her every month. Any extra tack, grain, supplements or anything I have to find a way to pay for. Khali was given to me. And same as Chexy, anything extra I want for her, I have to pay for it.

Truck- My truck is honestly such a piece of shit. Does it get me from point A to B? most of the time, lol. It broke down 3 times in one week and had to go to the mechanic, which is another thing that I have to pay my parents back for lol.

Showing, once again, I pay my own show fees. 

My parents have made it very clear that I am not going to just get handed whatever I want. Do they surprise me with things? Yes. Do they give me whatever I want, whenever I ask for it? No.

And to be honest, as nice as getting things handed to you is, I like to work for it. It’s so much more rewarding, and you probably learn a few things in the process.:)


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Pauly USEF Medal Finals 2014



She did the thing

??how do striding???

Astier Nicolas & Jahkti du Janlie 

Milo is happy to announce that he is pregnant with triplets!!


Hello, I am an equestrian and I get excited over new brooms.

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Milo being a cutie.


We spread awareness

Oh my gosh so sweet

These two compliment each other.
Summer ‘14